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Airport Hotels

There are all kinds of hotel available close to airports in the UK, ranging from luxury accommodation with spa baths and gyms, to the crisp, clean basic rooms if you just want to get a good nights’ sleep.
When you have, or are travelling with someone who has, an incapacitating medical condition, rushing around in the early hours trying to get to the airport in time can be a struggle and quite stressful.

Ideally we would all like a flight at a time of day that doesn’t mean you need to leave home in the middle of the night to catch it. So why not consider booking a hotel near the airport. You can arrive at your leisure, unwind, have a meal, freshen up and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are a stones’ throw from your airport and that you have already completed part of your journey.

At Get Going we like to offer you every facility we can to make your trip enjoyable and stress free. Your holiday starts the minute you leave your home, so why not make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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