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7 LGBT friendly marriage destinations. Same-sex couples welcome

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of couples travelling abroad to marry. Being the massive travel fans that we are, we support that.


In light of supporting everyone to travel abroad to marry or well, for any reason really – oh and a specific conversation that we had with a friend not so long ago – we thought this would be a prime time to take a look at some of the countries that LGBT couples can travel to and marry in, safely.

LGBT New Zealand

Top of the list because why not. New Zealand was the first Asian-Pacific country to pass the act to legalise gay marriage – Go you guys. The country itself is a magnificent, although a little on the brisk side so perfect if you’re after a clean, crisp ceremony. The scenery is vast. It’s perfect for exploring mountains, beaches or checking out the glaciers. It’s also home to the worlds first openly transgender member of parliament, Georgina Beyer – Need anymore be said?



Perhaps not the first place that springs to mind when you consider marrying abroad but if it does, then you know you can. It’s both legal and accepted. You’ll return home in legally-binding matrimony and with a tan to envy.



Rainbow coloured Canada?

The second largest country in the world made same-sex marriage legal back in 2005 – we salute you Canada. The temperature in Canada can get pretty low, as low as -63 C, so not for the fainthearted. The country has more lakes than all of the other countries across the entire world. This means two things: a whole lot of fresh water and a phenomenal amount of lakes to get married next to.


The heart of LGBT, The Netherlands

A little closer to home than those mentioned so far, the Netherlands was the first place to legalise same-sex marriage. At the heart of it all is Amsterdam. A fantastic city to get lost in with your fiance/partner, with its winding canals, tiny trinket shops, rich architectural culture and intimate candlelit cafes. If you’re looking for something intimate and cultured, consider the Netherlands, the heart of where same-sex marriage became a celebrated event.


Inclusive Iceland, the LGBT revolution

Famous for being the home to the Northern lights, this country is a never ending pool of jaw-dropping landscape. Iceland is also the home of the first ever openly lesbian head of state, Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, to marry her wife shortly after passing the 2010 law to make same-sex marriage legal in the country. Marry here and you can choose to tie the knot in the midst of gigantic blue glaciers or a humble, rustic wooden church, whatever you prefer.


Bora Bora, we applaud ya’

Thank you France for changing the law of the land in 2013, for the French Polynesian islands. The first of which that springs to mind, Bora Bora. The island boasts touch-the-bottom-with-your-eyes, blue lagoon waters. It’s perfect for ambling around post-marriage i.e. marrying here comes with a built in honeymoon. On land you’ll find quaint shops offering pearls and trinkets or venture further and stand next to an extinct volcano head after traipsing through tropical forests. Eurgh, take us there already.



If one of the marrying pair is Spanish then you can say your vows just a hop away in Spain. We’re starting to run out of reasons to remain in the UK to get married! Unfortunately it is only legally binding if one of the couple is a Spanish national. Couples are still be welcomed to hold a blessing and then upon returning to the UK, just quickly tie up the legal stuff.


There’s more

This is by no means the end of the list, there’s the option of Uruguay, USA, France, Belgium… it goes on and on and hopefully will keep on doing so.

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Travelling to Marry

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