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Golf Holday Insurance with Get Going


Golf holiday travel insurance, What to expect and what not to expect.

Golf season is finally creeping up in the UK, it’s been a long wait! In the mean time you may have booked a holiday and plan on playing some holes while you’re abroad – if this is the case, you will need to make sure you have golf travel insurance cover.                                                                                  Get Quote

What is a Golf Travel Insurance Policy with Get Going?

Absolutely all policies offered by Get Going come with activity pack 1. Activity pack 1 is offered automatically and at no extra cost. Activity pack 1 provides cover for participation in non-competitive sports including golf.

This means that you can benefit from golf travel insurance single trip cover, multi trip cover, longstay or even backpacker. Activity pack 1 offers cover over 80 different activities.

You should be aware that your golf holiday travel insurance with Get Going will only extend to your medical and personal liability. This means that should you incur any injury while taking part in the activity, there is the possibility that your policy will be able to cover you. Personal liability means that you will have cover in place, in the event that you cause damage to someone else or their property.

Golf Holiday Travel Insurance with Get Going – What’s not covered

It should be noted that the policy will not offer cover if the golf holiday is of a competitive nature. Activity pack 1 is designed to offer cover for leisure activities only, as opposed to professional or competitive ventures.

A golf holiday insurance policy with Get Going is perfect if you are travelling and plan on enjoying the sport, on a non-competitive basis and do not plan on taking your own equipment. Travel insurance with golf club cover is not available with Get Going. You golf holiday insurance policy with Get Going will not provide cover for personal golf equipment i.e. clubs.


Golf Travel Insurance Single Trip policies

For those of you taking one holiday a year and interested in playing a round or two, a golf travel insurance single trip policy could work well for you. If you’re a regular on the course and take lots of holidays then consider our Multi Trip policy!

Travel insurance with Golf Club Cover

If you do plan on taking your own equipment there is a good chance that you’re an avid golfer and you’ll need insurance all year round, not just for the one single trip!

As discussed above, our travel insurance policies simply cannot offer cover for sports equipment (unless a particular extension is available e.g. Wintersports extension) however we’re doing our best to offer you everything that you might need, so here’s where our sister company Insurancefair comes in handy.


Golf Club Cover with Insurancefair

Insurancefair offer over 25 lifestyle insurance products, including golf insurance. If you fancy taking your own equipment away with you this is perfect. Travel insurance with golf club cover included is not always an option and there’s a good chance it will work our less expensive to take out insurance on our golf equipment and travel separately.

Insurancefair offers equipment cover that reaches £5000 and annual cover starts from as little as £21.68. Policies include up to 90 days European cover. For travelling further afield there is also the option of cover that extends to 90 days worldwide too!

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Golf club cover meets golf holiday insurance

Please be aware that Insurancefair is not offering you a golf holiday insurance policy. This product has been created to provide protection against theft, loss or damage to golf clubs and equipment. It includes cover for personal accident and the cost of ‘that expensive round of drinks’ following a hole in one. A golf insurance policy with Insurancefair is not a replacement for a travel insurance policy.

Find out more about Golf insurance with Insurancefair: HERE 

Don’t forget to use the code IFGG01 for your 5% discount with Insurancefair.

The product is designed to protect golf clubs and equipment for for up to 90 days abroad. You will need to ensure you have travel insurance in place to protect both yourself and your holiday.

You can get your travel insurance policy HERE

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