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Pet Care cover with Get Going

Did you know that this year we introduced an element of pet care into our basic, standard and premier level travel insurance policies?


Why do we include pet care in our Get Going travel insurance policies?

We know that a whopping 43% of households in the UK have pets. We also know that saying goodbye to our pets while we jet off on our travels can be really tough! So, to ease any worry or stress, we’ve introduced our pet care element.


So what exactly does pet care in travel insurance cover?

In the event that your pet does fall ill unexpectedly or is injured while you’re away, you are covered for emergency veterinary appointments.

The policy also provides cover in the event that your return home is delayed, whether you’re travelling by flight, coach, train or sea, and you need to extend your pet’s stay at the kennels or cattery.


What does the pet care element in you policy not cover?

The Pet Care element does not extend to cancellation or curtailment. This means that you will not be covered to cancel your trip if your pet is injured or becomes ill. Likewise, you will also not be covered to return home for these reasons.


How much cover does the pet care element of my travel insurance policy provide me with?

£25 for each 24 hour period up to a maximum of £300.


How do I make a claim relating to the Pet Care element of my travel insurance policy?

In order to submit a claim please visit: http://www.tifgroup.co.uk/services/claims/forms/ and download the form relevant to your claim. Once downloaded, complete the form and return it via post to the address printed on the form, remembering to provide any relevant supporting evidence (receipts etc.) as this will help to increase the speed at which your claim is processed.


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