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Diabetes Travel Insurance

Anyone at any age can develop diabetes. In fact, there are 2.9 million people living in the UK with the condition and an estimated further 850,000 people unaware they have the illness and have not yet been diagnosed. Whether or not you feel you have your illness under control, it can be difficult to find travel insurance that doesn’t cost the earth. If you do not have full travel insurance cover for your diabetes when you are away from home, ANY claim you make that could be related to your condition or treatment of it, may be reduced or even refused. In most cases when Diabetes is made known to us, we do nothing more than make a note on the policy. However, this will depend on how well controlled your Diabetes is and any other related conditions you may be suffering from.

Get Going have created a specific policy designed from our experience of people travelling with Diabetes. We offer you and your family comprehensive, affordable insurance including cover for your condition. And if your diabetes is well controlled there may not be any additional premium required.

Policy Benefits
We have listed below some of the covers included in our policies. So whatever you have planned for your holiday, Get Going are certain to have a policy to suit your needs. You will find these covers and more.

  • Cancellation of your holiday
  • Cruise, Winter Sports, Wedding and Business extensions available
  • Emergency medical expenses including emergency dental treatment
  • Loss or theft of Cash
  • Possessions & Personal Effects
  • 300+ sports and activities can be covered, many as standard
  • Discounts for couples, families and single parent families

It’s important that your illness is declared and included within your cover to ensure that you obtain the best policy for your needs. We also recommend that you and your travelling companions are insured under the same policy. Should your diabetes be the root cause for having to make a claim, everyone listed on the policy will be covered, if your condition has been declared and accepted by us.

By taking out a policy with Get Going you can be confident that you are fully covered and can relax and have a great holiday.

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