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Disability Travel Insurance

Travelling is typically the stressful part of the holiday (if it isn’t, we’d love to know your secret!).

We provide quick, non-invasive disabled travel insurance policies. On the “gov.uk” website, the first suggestion for anyone travelling with either a physical or mental disability, is to ‘ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that is appropriate to your need’. You can read more about that here.

Get Going delivers travel insurance for disabled people at very competitive rates, to ensure that getting insured is as easy and straightforward as possible.

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What cover is available on disabled travel insurance?

As a Get Going customer, taking out disabled travel insurance, you have the option of choosing from 3 cover levels: Basic, Standard and Premier. You cover amount will depend on which level you choose but all cover levels will include:

  • Cancellation and curtailment
  • Up to £10,000 Emergency medical cover which includes, replacement of emergency prescription medication, mobility and disability equipment, public hospital benefit and if you need emergency medical attention
  • Legal advice
  • Personal liability
  • Cover for loss and theft of passport and cash
  • Cover for lost, stolen or damaged possessions
  • Cover for both outbound departure and connection

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Can I get travel insurance for disabled persons?

All Get Going travel insurance policies are able to cover medical conditions, so yes, you are able to get travel insurance for disabled persons.

There are a few conditions to note:

  • Get Going travel insurance policies are available to UK residents only.
  • Children below the age of 17 can only travel with an adult above the age of 18, covered on the same policy.
  • Age limits vary by policy type:
  • Single trip – available to travellers between the ages of 17 – 85, best suited to those only travelling once a year
  • Multi trip – available to anyone between the ages of 17 – 74, and most appropriate for anyone travelling more than twice a year
  • Long stay – accessible to anyone between the ages of 17 – 55, who is looking to travel for more than 91 days.

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Where can I go with disabled travel insurance?

We know that having a disability does not stop you from living life to the full and having a broad range of travel experiences. Disability cover is available on all of our location-based policies, from Europe to Australasia.

Disabled travel insurance can also be used alongside any of our extension or activity packs such as cruise cover or gadget travel cover.

Declaring your condition on disability travel insurance

Declaring your condition and getting disability travel insurance couldn’t be easier. We use a very quick and easy screening system. All you need to do is enter your condition during your quote and answer a short set of questions that will be related to the condition you enter. We can then let you know whether or not we are able to offer you cover. Easy. All information shared with us is strictly confidential and is never shared with any third parties.

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Why do I need travel insurance for my existing medical condition?

Overseas medical costs can be very high. Having travel insurance means that you’re covered if something goes wrong or you need medication or assistance to support your medical condition.

Does declaring disability affect your travel insurance?

Declaring your condition, and quoting for disabled travel insurance, may result in a slightly higher premium. We keep our prices extremely competitive, while ensuring we offer great cover levels, to ensure that our customers have access to affordable travel insurance that suits their needs.

Declaring your medical condition and potentially facing a slightly higher premium may not seem all too appealing however, once declared and accepted in writing, you will be covered for unexpected holiday emergencies (which you can find listed in your policy wording) related to your condition and this is a vital part of your cover, without declaration, you will not be covered.

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