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Equine and Horse Insurance

Equine and Horse insurance from Insurancefair insurance_fair logo

Have you been approaching your insurance policy with your blinders on?

Our sister company Insurancefair has been working hard to bring you a suite of products to cover all lifestyle needs and necessities. They haven’t missed a trick, take a look at the cover options available for everything equine!

Horse Insurance Benefits:

  • Cover available from 31 days up until 15 years
  • Up to £1.25 million personal liability cover, in case you or your horse causes damage to a third party.
  • Cover of up to £12,500 available, against personal accident
  • Up to £5,750 available for vets fees
  • cover for both your equipment and horse box
  • and many more generous benefits

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Horse Rider Insurance Benefits

Insuring yourself is just as important as insuring your horse. Get your quote now and receive a 30% online discount through Insurancefair. Benefits include:

  • Up to £1,750 in cover available to cover vet fees
  • Up to £1,700 available to cover the cost of private schooling following a riding accident
  • Up to £2,000 to cover dental treatment following a riding accident
  • Up to £22,500 to cover personal accident following a riding accident
  • Up to £22,500 available to cover in the event of permanent disablement or death

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Horse Trailer Insurance

If you own a horse there’s a good chance you move it around in your trailer and not the back of your hatchback… right? So, do you have insurance? What if one of the wheels falls off while you’re trundling across country? or worse, someone attempts to break in and steal your trailer?

Check out the advantages of Horse Trailer Insurance with Insurancefair

  • Cover for theft, fire and accidental damage to your horse trailer
  • Up to £500 available to cover the costs of hiring and replacing a new trailer if yours is lost or unusable
  • New for old cover, if your horse trailer is totally destroyed
  • Up to £1.25 million of cover available for personal liabilty, to cover damages to a third party.
  • Up to 180 days cover for Europe

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