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Gadget Travel Insurance

phioneggWhether we’re using our phones to stay in contact with others, carrying our laptop with us or using our tablet to entertain the kids, taking our gadgets everywhere with us has become normal, so it’s only natural that you would take them on holiday with you. Having your gadgets lost, stolen or damaged whilst your away can leave you feeling stranded and often out of pocket.

Most travel insurers do not insure a great deal of gadgets, and this is where Get Going strives to stand out. We offer inclusive gadget cover on our Premium and Standard policies, meaning that for a little bit more, you can be covered for taking your phone, tablet, laptop and camera away with you.

So what does our gadget insurance actually cover you for?

  • Cover for repairing or replacing damaged, lost or stolen gadgets up to £1,000
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown cover should your gadget fall outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period
  • Accidental damage – ideal if you’re the type of person to jump in the pool with your phone still in your pocket!
  • Cover for mobile phones (including iPhone), iPads, tablets, e-readers, satellite navigation systems, laptops, cameras, portable DVD players, portable handheld games consoles and many more gadgets!


Before purchasing this gadget extension please ensure that you are aware that:

1)    There is no cover if your gadget/s were purchased second-hand.

2)    There is no cover if you cannot provide a valid proof of purchase/ownership (see your policy wording document for further details).

3)    There is no cover if your gadget/s are more than 36 months old when you start your trip.