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Gadget Travel Insurance

Gadget Travel Insurance, why you need it.

Our policies cover electrical items as standard. The definition of an electrical item is anything that can be plugged into the mains to use. Examples include your electric razors, hairdryer, hair straighteners, laptop and travel iron… because who knows when you might need one?

A gadget is a handheld electrical device. Examples of gadgets include smartphones, tablets, kindles, iPads, smartwatches, and handheld gaming consoles.

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The benefits of your gadget insurance policy:

  • Opting to include the gadget insurance will provide you with up to £1,000 worth of gadget cover.
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown cover, valid if your gadget falls outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Accidental damage – perfect if you decide to jump in the pool only to find your phone in your pocket!

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Gadget Travel Insurance, The Important Parts

  • Cover only applies to first purchase gadgets. Gadget insurance will not extend to second-hand gadgets.
  • Copies of receipts will serve as proof of ownership. Proof of ownership must be provided. See your policy wording for full details.
  • Gadgets older than 36 months covered under the gadget travel insurance extension.

It’s worth considering our premier level policy. All premier policies include gadget cover as standard and will provide you with higher cover levels e.g. £5000 cancellation cover and lower excess of £75.

With the intention of catering for each of you individually, we created 3 different cover levels: Basic, standard and premier. Take your pick from any of these, depending on what suits your budget and requirement. We would point out that the premier level of cover includes your gadget extension as standard.

Please note that your gadget cover will not provide you with financial compensation. All successful claims will be settled by replacement or repair items. If the gadget needs to be replaced it will be with a similar make and model. The policy provides up to £1,000 of cover. Get Quote