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Longstay Travel Insurance

Are you lucky enough to be going away for more than 94 days?
Two things:
1 – Can we come with you?
2 – You’ll need a long stay travel insurance policy.

Long stay travel insurance or extended travel insurance, is available to travellers aged 55 years and below (anyone under the age of 17 must be travelling with someone aged 18 or over). You must select the duration of your trip during the quote but you can always call us to extend up to a maximum of 558 days. You’ll be covered to travel to multiple destinations and can call to upgrade destination limit.

As with all Get Going policies, all medical conditions are considered – being away from home for an extended period of time makes medical security a must, so be sure to declare any conditions upon purchase.

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The benefits of our long stay travel insurance

  • Enjoy the security of up to £1,250 cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Long stay insurance is available under any of our territorial limits including United Kingdom & Isle of Man, Europe Excluding Spain, Europe Including Spain, Worldwide Excluding USA, the Caribbean and Canada and Worldwide Including USA, the Caribbean and Canada
  • We are medical travel insurance specialists, so all conditions are considered and 1,000s are covered
  • Up to £5,000,000 available in case of medical emergency
  • 24-hour emergency assistance team and doctor-led medical advice
  • Take your time to consider your policy during our 14 day cooling off period, and if you wish to cancel within this time, you’ll receive a full refund

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What is covered in our Long stay travel insurance?

Long stay insurance with Get Going aims to keep you travelling without having to think about the ‘What ifs’. We provide all of the essentials and few extra cover levels, just for good measure.

  • Cancellation cover is available up to the maximum stated in the policy and is accessible from the day of purchase
  • Cover for delayed and missed departure
  • Up to as £5,000,000 cover in the event of a medical emergency
  • £150 of cover available to cater for the loss or theft of cash
  • £150 of cover available to cater for the loss or theft of your passport
  • Up to £2,000,000 available to cater for personal liability
  • Up to as £10,000 for personal accident
  • Up to £15,000 to cover for legal advice
  • A maximum of £500 cover available in the event that you are unable to use your pre-booked accommodation
  • Your policy wording will provide more detail on the specifics of your cover. Always make sure you read your policy wording thoroughly before you travel.

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What is the best long stay insurance policy?

The best long stay insurance policy is the one that suits you. No single policy is the best for everyone. In order to travel with the best long stay travel insurance you should consider a number of things:

  • How much did the trip cost? Always ensure your cancellation and curtailment cover is more than the initial cost of the trip, or that you are happy with the amount offered.
  • What do I value the most in my insurance policy? For some people, this is medical cover and for others, this is the cover for loss or theft of luggage.
  • How much excess am I willing to accept?
  • Am I taking any valuable items and do I want to cover for these while I’m travelling?
  • Am I planning on taking part in any activities while I’m away and are these covered in my policy?
  • Asking yourself the above questions will give you a good start to choosing the best long stay travel insurance policy for you and your trip.

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