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Longstay Travel Insurance

Why a Longstay Travel Insurance Policy?

If you’re planning a holiday for more than 31 days, longstay travel insurance is probably the one to look at. Cover is provided for anything up to 18 months. Our longstay travel insurance policies have an upper age of 0-55 years.

The Benefits of a Longstay Travel Insurance Policy Include:

  • Up to £1,250 of cover in the event that you need to cancel or return home early
  • 1,000s of medical conditions are considered and covered including but not limited to HIV, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Hep A/B/C and Asthma.
  • Emergency relief of dental pain
  • Up to £5 million in cover should you need emergency medical attention – this includes repatriation.
  • 24 hour emergency medical assistance and doctor-led medical advice
  • Up to £500 if you miss your outbound departure or outbound connection.
  • Up to £150 of cover if your passport is lost or stolen (just don’t forget to file your police report)
  • £500  worth of cover if you cannot use your pre-booked accommodation
  • UK based call centres for both enquiries and emergency calls
  • 80+ activities covered as standard (including bar work, great if you’re looking to earn some extra cash)
  • If it is unsafe for you to travel home or not possible due to airport delays, you policy cover will be automatically extended until you are safe to return home. Get Quote

Longstay Insurance Policy or Backpacker Insurance policy?

The longstay policies are ideal for anyone taking an extended trip, but looking for a little more coverage than you might need if you’re going away budget backpacking. There is a policy available for stripped-back-backpacking too, don’t worry, the option will be given during the quote journey.

That isn’t to say you can’t go backpacking on this policy, many people do. We find our customers using these to visit family abroad, taking their gap years, taking a sabbatical (which we always envy!). This policy is suitable for anyone that is planning on coming home at some point either at or before 18 months.

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