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Longstay Travel Insurance

Are you planning to travel for a little longer than usual or to take a continuous one off trip? The cover under our Get Going Long Stay policy has been specifically created with the lengthier trip in mind. The policy (also known as Long Trip or Extended Trip Travel Insurance) runs for a set period of time – up to 18 months – and ends when you eventually return to your home country. If you intend to explore the world in your gap year, take some time out for a sabbatical, to spend a few months in Australia visiting family or to work abroad on a charity project (as long as it is not manual work), our policy has cover options for those of you who travel light and those of you that prefer the peace of mind of having broader cover.

There are two levels of cover available: – one has basic cover with lower sums insured – designed for the backpacker with limited luggage, and the other has wider cover and higher sums insured. There are also extensions available for Winter Sports, Weddings and Business –for those of you who may not be backpacking but remaining in one area for some time.

  • Cancellation of your holiday
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £5,000,000
  • Emergency relief of dental pain
  • Loss or theft of Cash
  • Possessions & Personal Effects
  • Natural Disaster cover (available on Longstay policy only)
  • 24 hour medical emergency helpline managed by doctors.
  • 300+ sports and activities can be covered, many as standard
  • Full cover for declared and accepted medical conditions
  • Cruise, Winter Sports, Wedding and Business extensions available (available on Longstay policy only)

Our cover will also allow you to temporarily return home for up to 21 days and then resume your trip later – think Holiday Season, family wedding or Mum’s special Birthday etc. The cover under the policy will pause on your return to your home country and start again when you leave your home country to resume your trip.*

It is unusual to find Long Stay travel insurance which offers cover for medical conditions. This is something Get Going are proud to be able to offer you. We insure most medical conditions, with no restrictions on cover levels. So why not give us a try.

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*When returning home on this policy, all cover is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check in at your international departure point for your return flight, international train or ferry to your overseas destination. This cover will not include the costs of your return home.