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Multi Trip Travel Insurance


What is Multi Trip Travel Insurance?

Multi trip travel insurance is typically a 12 month travel insurance policy, which allows the traveller to take multiple single trips whilst the policy is active. Designed with the frequent traveller in mind, multi trip insurance is a cost-effective way for a traveller to insure an unlimited number of individual holidays, under a 12 month travel insurance policy. Our Multi trip policies tend to work out cheaper for you, if you are taking 2 or more trips in the next 12 months.

What does Multi Trip travel insurance cover?

A multi trip insurance policy provides consistent cover and excess levels over a 12 month period. For example, if you were to take out a premier policy and needed to claim for lost luggage, you can claim for up to £2,000 and expect to pay an excess of £75.

If, by pure misfortune, you needed to claim for lost luggage again, on your next trip, you could claim for up to £2,000 and expect to pay a £75 excess. Submitting a claim does not have a detrimental effect on the quality of your 12 month policy, or the price of your next policy.

Multi trip insurance cover will vary based on the chosen cover level. Always read the documentation and check that the policy is right for you. Up to the limit stated on the policy, cover on a Get Going multi trip travel insurance policy includes:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Delayed, lost or stolen luggage
  • Lost or stolen personal possessions
  • Emergency medical cover
  • Hospital benefit
  • Emergency replacement of prescription medication
  • Mobility and disability equipment
  • Missed and delayed departure
  • Loss or theft of passport
  • Loss or theft of cash
  • Personal liability
  • Personal accident
  • Legal advice

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Who is Multi Trip travel insurance available to?

Multi trip holiday insurance is available to UK residents only, aged 17 – 74. Most people who opt for the multi trip policy are planning on travelling more than twice a year, making this policy great for anyone taking lots of business trips and people with homes abroad. Maximum trip length on a Multi Trip policy is 31 days. If you’re planning a holiday that’s longer than that a long stay policy might be better suited to you.

Where can I travel to on a Multi Trip travel insurance policy?

When purchasing your policy you will be asked to choose from a number of destinations. You will have the options of:

  • United Kingdom and the Isle of Man
  • Europe excluding Spain
  • Europe including Spain
  • Worldwide Excluding USA, Canada and The Caribbean
  • Worldwide including USA, Canada and The Caribbean
  • It is important to select the destination most suitable to the multiple trips that you have lined up for the next 12 months. In the event that one of your trips falls beyond the originally selected geographical zone, you can always call to enquire about upgrading your policy or opt for a single trip policy to provide cover for your new trip.

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    Multi Trip Travel Insurance FAQ’s

    What does Multi Trip travel insurance mean?

    Multi trip travel insurance means that the traveller need only apply for their policy once in a 12 month period. Opting for a multi trip policy means saving time and minimising the opportunity to forget to insure the next holiday!

    How many times can I travel on a multi trip travel insurance policy?

    Taking out multi trip holiday insurance enables the traveller to travel an unlimited number of times within a 12 month period. Each trip must be 31 days or less and be within the originally chosen destination limits. Providing that they select the correct destination when purchasing and all intended trips are 31 days or less in length, the next 12 months travel insurance is covered.

    Does multi trip travel insurance include cover for medical conditions?

    At Get Going, we are medical travel insurance specialists. This means that all of our policies, including Multi Trip are available to people travelling with medical conditions. If your condition changes at any point during your 12 month policy it is important that you give us a call and let us know.

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