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  • Cover for 1,000's of medical conditions
  • Kent based Customer Service Team
  • 14 Day Cooling Off Period

Our sister brand Insurancefair provides you with gadget insurance, choose from monthly or annual payments.

The price of a smartphone is steadily increasing, hand-in-hand with the cost of repairs. So what happens when you drop your mobile and the screen cracks for the third time this year? The screen alone can cost up to £200 to replace!

  • Get a 60 second quote
  • Policies start from as little as £3 per month
  • Cover for liquid damage as standard
  • Protection if your gadgets are lost or stolen
  • Up to £1,500 of cover available per item

Single and multi gadget insurance with Insurancefair

It’s a rarity these days that we only own one device that deserves to be insured so InsuranceFair gives you the option of both single and multi gadget insurance – whichever suits you best.

  • No need to specify devices
  • Cover of up to £1,500
  • Cover for breakdown, unauthorised use, theft,  liquid damage and loss (optional)
  • Accessories are covered
  • Worldwide cover available
  • 24 hour claims service

To gain a quote or further information please visit InsuranceFair.

Mobile Insurance with Insurancefair

Have you broken, lost or had your mobile stolen? It’s almost safe to say that many of us feel we can’t live without our phones, so when this happens we feel very much at a loose end! No social media, no pocket camera, no calls, no texts, no whatsapp!

Make sure you’re insured to avoid having to live without your device for too long, should anything unfortunate happen.

Benefits of mobile insurance with Insurancefair include:

  • Super quick and easy quote
  • Cover of up to £1,500!
  • Accidental damage covered as standard
  • Buy today without an IMEI number
  • Cover in the event that your phone is stolen
  • Includes worldwide cover, liquid damage, breakdown, unauthorised usage, loss (optional) and cover for accessories.

To gain a quote or further information please visit InsuranceFair.



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