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Are you one of the 7 million Carers in the UK? If you are and you’ve managed to find the time to take a trip, you’ll likely be struggling to find adequate travel insurance that provides peace of mind for both you and the person you usually care for.

If you are one of the UK’s 7 million unpaid Carers and you want to cover for your dependent, while you’re away, it is essential that you add the Carers travel insurance extension when purchasing your Single Trip policy. You can do this on the options page, during your quote journey.

Based on first-hand experience we noticed that the insurance industry could be doing more, lots more, for the UKs Carers. This is why Get Going has put together an insurance product specifically for you.

We expect the product to develop with time and always welcome customer feedback. For now, the extension extends both the cancellation and curtailment sections of your main Get Going Single Trip travel insurance policy. No fuss. Just exactly what you need.

Who is Carer Travel Insurance for?

The Carers extension from Get Going has been designed specifically to extend your main Get Going Single Trip travel insurance cover, to provide more security for those non-professional Carers who find themselves in a challenging situation.

Who is classed as a Carer?

A Carer is someone who provides help and support, on a daily basis, to a relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their help due to physical or mental illness, addiction or disability. Although we specify that to qualify for Carer travel insurance you must be ‘non-professional’, a Carer may be the recipient of support allowance and/or benefits.


What cover does Carer Travel Insurance provide?

Carers cover is an extension to the Get Going Single Trip range, and extends your policy so that you have both cancellation and curtailment cover for a non-travelling individual, for whom you are the daily Carer, who is living with an existing medical condition.

This means that if you book a holiday and the person that you care for gets ill, is injured or dies and you are no longer able to go on, or need to cut short your trip, then your insurance policy will cover you. Perfect for Carers who already have enough to worry about.

If you are a Carer and you book a holiday, you will no doubt ask someone to pick up your daily care duties. So this extension also covers you if the person who agreed to cover for you becomes ill, is injured or dies and you have to cancel or cut short your trip because you cannot find anyone else to step in at short notice.

How does Get Going Carers travel insurance work?

To take advantage of carers travel insurance, the Carers extension must be added during the quote journey. The extension can only be purchased with a Get Going Single Trip Travel Insurance policy. We have multiple optional extensions across our product range, allowing you to tailor your cover. Extensions available include;

What are the conditions of the Carers extension?

You will of course be subject to the conditions stated in your main policy (please see your wording) however the Carers extension comes with extra conditions, that you must agree to for the extension to be valid. All of the conditions are designed to ensure that this product is available to the correct people and under safe circumstances.

The possibility of you taking out the Carers extension rests on whether or not replacement care has been put in place to ensure your daily commitments are picked up in your absence, and the cared for person, remains safe and looked after, to the best of anyone’s knowledge. Throughout your policy, the person acting to provide replacement care will be referred to as the Stand-in Carer.

Conditions include:

  • You, the insured, will provide us with the name, address and telephone number of your Stand-in Carer, when you purchase this extension.
  • Your Stand-in Carer will agree that we may contact them to verify that they have agreed to act as a Stand-in Carer during your absence
  • Your Stand-in Carer will confirm the following to us in writing that at the time you purchase this insurance he/she is not aware of any reason why they might not be able to fulfil their obligations.
  • Both you and your Stand-in Carer agree to tell us if, between the date of your purchase this insurance and the date of your departure, you (or they) become aware of any reason why the stand-in Carer might not be able to fulfil their duties

In the event of a claim both you and the Stand-in Carer agree to provide us with any information (including access to medical records) that we might require in order to validate your claim

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Why you should get Carers travel insurance

As a Carer, if you book a holiday you may not be covered in the event that the person you care for becomes ill, is injured or dies. This is because typical travel insurance will cover for death, injury or illness of a close relative or business associate, if the event is completely unexpected and wasn’t foreseeable. However, travel insurance will not extend their cover to include a close relative or business associate that has a medical condition – creating a huge lack of support for Carers. It is because of this that Carers travel insurance is a necessity for anyone that is a full time Carer and we’ve created it.

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