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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Why Single Trip Insurance With Get Going?

Single Trip Travel Insurance is ideal for one off trips. We understand that every trip is tailored around a different budget, so in the interest of being inclusive we offer the choice of 3 different levels of cover: Basic, Standard and Premier.

Age dependent, single trip travel insurance policies offer cover for up to 94 days to individual travelers, couples and families of all shapes and sizes*.

The benefits of Single Trip Travel Insurance with Get Going:

  • Cancellation cover that starts from the day that your purchase the policy, as opposed to the date of travel, pretty good right? Find out more here.
  • 1,000s of medical conditions covered including: asthma, HIV, high blood pressure, cancer and hep A/B/C.
  • Up to £10 Million in medical cover for all declared and accepted conditions
  • Discount across all of our family* policies, because why not? If we can make life easier for you, we will.
  • Doctor-led 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Doctor-led medical advice
  • 80+ activities covered as standard
  • Multilingual Emergency Assistance

*Who do we class as a family? Well, if you consider yourselves a family then so do we. Same-sex families, 2.3 families, single parent families. This applies to your children too, by the way. Whether they are biological, adopted or fostered, they’re your children and we respect every ounce of that. Our only stipulation is that they are under 18 and living at home, but we think that’s only fair.

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Your Single Trip travel insurance policy aims to provide you with the same peace of mind as you would have in the UK. This means access to medical cover, legal advice and cover for loss/theft of items. Check out our policy wordings for a full breakdown.