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Finding affordable travel insurance after a stroke can be daunting, but we’re here to help. There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK and more than 100,000 strokes happen every year – our aim is to make purchasing stroke travel insurance the easiest part of your trip.

What cover levels are available on travel insurance for stroke victims?

We pride ourselves on being medical travel insurance specialists. Cover for medical conditions is available on all of our policy types and we provide 100’s of policies for stroke victims each year. Cover levels includes:

Up to £10,000,000 for medical emergencies, such as:

  •       If you need emergency medical attention
  •       Hospital benefit
  •       Repatriation
  •       Mobility and disability equipment

As well as:

  •       Up to £5,000 cancellation and curtailment cover
  •       Up to £4,000 for lost, stolen or damaged possessions
  •       Up to £750 to cover your travel documents
  •       Up to £2,000,000 for personal liability
  •       Up to £50,000 for legal advice


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Safe travel after a stroke

Experiencing a stroke is a difficult time for both you and your wider family. When you’re getting everything back on track, even if you’ve been left with mobility problems, you should be able to get away and have a holiday. There are plenty of tour operators that will specialise in offering a tailored package and it will be worth spending some time researching the right trip for you.

Once you have a holiday in mind, you need to get an adequate travel insurance policy. Use our bespoke medical screening process to get your quick quote. We won’t ever share your information with third party companies and your screening is entirely confidential.

  •       Before you travel, take the time to save the emergency assistance number in your phone and if you’re travelling with someone, in their phone too.
  •       If you are travelling with medication, always keep these in your hand luggage. Make sure that any medication is labelled accurately and has your full name on it.
  •       There are a number of things you can do travel safe after a stroke. Importantly, you should always consult your GP before travelling, they will be able to Offer you advice specific to your circumstances.
  •       Always keep your medication in your hand luggage and in it’s original packaging. It may also be wise to carry an original copy of your prescription, just in case.
  •       Before travelling make sure you have our emergency assistance number saved in your phone and written down.
  •       Also note down the details of our GP service, just in case you need to seek advice whilst abroad.

We offer up to £10,000,000 in case of any medical emergency you could face. This includes medical attention, emergency replacement of prescription medication, plus mobile and disability equipment.

We understand that whether you, a family member or close friend experiences a stroke, going away can feel more daunting, but we’re here to provide specialist cover so you have nothing to worry about.

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