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Arthritis is a very common condition, with around 10 million people in the UK currently diagnosed with one of the many different types of arthritis*. There are around 8 million people currently diagnosed with Osteoarthritis making this the most common form, and over 400,000 with rheumatoid arthritis*. So, why can travel insurance be hard to find if you have arthritis?

Having a medical condition like arthritis can often lead to many questions around your travel insurance, such as do I need to declare my arthritis to my travel insurer? can I get travel insurance with arthritis? or what’s the best travel insurance for arthritis sufferers? That’s why we’re here to help and will try to answer your questions as much as we possibly can, whilst easing your concerns.

At Get Going, we want everyone to have the opportunity to go on holiday and that’s why we help to provide travel insurance for our customers with arthritis, where possible.

Will having arthritis affect my travel insurance?

Having a medical condition such as arthritis could have an impact on the price of your travel insurance, depending on how severe your condition is. This is because having a current or pre-existing medical condition could make you more likely to need medical care whilst away. However, at Get Going we aim to ensure your travel insurance quote is affordable even with medical conditions, where possible.

The Important thing to remember is during the quote journey you must declare any old, existing or new medical conditions, even if you may feel it isn’t worth mentioning or it won’t be a problem whilst away. The reason being if you fail to declare a condition and later need to make a claim related to it, you may not be covered, leaving you to foot any associated bills.

What do travel insurance policies offer when you have arthritis?

At Get Going, we are able to consider cover for over 1,000 medical conditions. After all, we believe that having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a holiday!

It’s really easy to tell us about your medical history. We will start by asking about your medication and then ask you questions related to these and any other conditions in order to provide you with a quote. We can then hopefully match you with a suitable travel insurance policy of ours to meet your needs. However, if you want to speak to a member of our customer service team instead, click here.

All standard travel insurance policies at Get Going include:

• 24/7 emergency medical assistance helpline
• Cancellation cover which starts as soon as you purchase on all single trip policies, and from the start date you choose on all multi trip policies (giving you extra peace of mind)§
• Emergency repatriation back to the UK (if it is medically necessary)
• Over 100 sports and activities covered as standard
• 1000’s of different medical conditions considered
• All policies include a 14-day cooling off period
• A wide range of extra add-ons that let you personalise your policy further


Why choose Get Going travel insurance with Arthritis?

Having Arthritis can make finding travel insurance a very time-consuming task. Our policies aim to offer you protection for your holiday whilst leaving you confident that your condition(s) will be covered.

• Rated ‘Excellent’ By Over 7,200 Customers!$
• Access to our 24/7 emergency medical assistance helpline
• 93% of our customers rated us 4 or 5 stars on Trustpilot$
• UK, Europe and Worldwide policies available
• Discounts available when buying cover online
• Discounts on Couples & Family policies
• FREE and SECURE Customer Area to access your policy details


Can I fly with Arthritis?

Everyone’s arthritis will affect them differently, but if you speak to your doctor and they advise that flying will be safe and will not negatively impact your condition, then that’s great news! In the hope that flying will be possible, we have put together some tips that may make travelling and your journey more comfortable:

– Look into weather and conditions before booking: Warmer and drier climates with less rain can be more comfortable on arthritis symptoms3, whereas cold conditions could make symptoms worsen and higher humidity could lead to more fatigue.

– Speak to your doctor prior to travelling: This will ensure you’re fit to fly, allow you to ask any questions you have, and ensure medication is up to date with enough for the trip. A doctor can also provide you with a letter detailing information about your condition and the medication you have been prescribed.

– Travel comfortably: Opt for comfortable footwear that is supportive, use compression socks to minimise swelling on flights, don’t wear restricting clothes for your flight and bring a pillow to support your joints.

– Travelling by air: Choose an aisle seat so you will have more room on the flight, stretch your legs and try to move about during the flight to prevent soreness4, look into short haul flights that don’t require long periods of being seated, inform the airline of your condition so they can make arrangements to support your needs, if necessary.

– Plan your itinerary: Leave room for rest and breaks in mind so that you don’t overdo it. Leave time to recover after a long flight or busy day with transportation planned if needed, after all pain and stiffness may be worse in the morning, so it’s worth looking into later flights and activities*. Additionally, look into nearby hospitals to where you’re staying, just in case in the unexpected event that you need emergency medical treatment.

– Pace yourself: Choose activities that suit your comfort level and physical abilities and won’t cause any extra pain or discomfort. Remember to stay hydrated as this can help manage joint inflammation6.

Why Choose Get Going?

Over 1000 medical conditions considered

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£10m cover for emergency medical expenses

93% of customers have rated us 4 or 5 stars $


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ƗPlease note, Get Going ‘s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This is discounted from our core policy price before you add any additional cost of optional extensions or additional medical premium.

$Get Going has been rated 4.7 out of 5 (Excellent) based on over 7000 customer reviews on Trustpilot. Based on Trustpilot data 2024

§Cancellation cover limits may vary between policies. Please check your policy wording for more information.


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