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Backpacker travel insurance is specifically designed to help you travel light. Our Backpacker policies are available to travellers between the ages of 17 – 35 and can provide cover for up to 18 months continuous travel – perfect for those planning a gap year.

What does backpacking travel insurance cover?

The cover levels included on a backpacker longstay travel insurance policy  are:

  •       £1,250 for cancellation of your trip
  •       £5,000,000 in the event of medical emergencies
  •       £1,000 cover for lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions
  •       £150 cover for lost or stolen cash
  •       £2,000,000 to cover personal liability
  •       £15,000 to cover personal accident
  •       £10,000 in the event that you need legal advice

Looking a little light? We stripped out a number of cover levels to ensure you travel smart and not heavy.


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Activity Cover

Even though your Backpacker travel insurance covers over 100 activities as standard, make sure you check that any activities you plan to do, are included in your cover. You can check which activities are covered here

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Tailor your Backpacker travel insurance to suit you, using one or more of our available extension:

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Over 1000 medical conditions considered

24/7 emergency medical assistance team

£10m cover for emergency medical expenses

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Backpacking vs Longstay travel insurance

Our backpacker insurance has been specifically designed for the bargain backpacker. If you’re going on a trip under 94 days in duration and want a little more cover in your policy, it’s worth taking a look at our Single Trip policies. Still available at fantastic prices, wholly customisable with the option of multiple extensions, just with a little more cover included.

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Backpacking without travel insurance

There are certain places in the world that offer us Brits access to reduced cost health care – Australia for example. When travelling somewhere like this it can be very tempting to not take out backpacking travel insurance.

However, again using Australia as the example, the subsided healthcare service, Medicare, will not provide support for existing conditions or matters that do not require urgent attention. Other exclusions include access to pharmaceuticals when you’re not an in-patient, use of the ambulance service and medical evacuations – all of these services can be very expensive.

Travelling without backpacking insurance not only reduces your access to adequate health care, it also means you are travelling without the benefits listed above (Curtailment, legal advice, cancellation cover, cover for personal possessions and so on).

The moral of the story? Taking out backpacking travel insurance for just a few pounds before you travel, could save you hundreds of pounds in the event of a claim.


ƗPlease note, Get Going ‘s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This is discounted from our core policy price before you add any additional cost of optional extensions or additional medical premium.

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