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Regardless of stage or severity, we’re here to ensure every person with HIV has the opportunity to travel with the right level of cover.

With Get Going, you can get cover in under 2 minutes, (yes – we’ve timed it!) meaning you can spend more time on the exciting, planning part of your holiday!

Cover with Get Going comes with the following benefits:

  •       COVID cover, now included on all policies. For more information click here
  •       24/7 Emergency Medical Helpline
  •       100’s of medical conditions considered and covered, often for no extra cost
  •       Up to £10 million in medical cover available for declared and accepted conditions
  •       100+ activities covered as standard
  •       Available for individual travellers, couples, families and groups.
  •       All policies include a 14-day cooling off period – Giving you time to read your documents thoroughly and ensure the chosen policy is right for you.
  •       Take advantage of a 15% online discount, compared to our call centre prices.
  •       Single trip travel insurance policies are also available for staycations, allowing you to take out cover for any trip within the UK providing it is for 3 days or more.

Travelling abroad with HIV

Generally, travelling abroad shouldn’t be a problem with HIV, but this is all dependant on where you’re going, the preparation that goes with that and buying the right cover for you.

We want to enable everyone the opportunity to explore the world’s best sights and have the assurance knowing they are covered. As long as you declare your condition when purchasing a policy with our quick and easy steps, you’ll have the protection you need and can start focusing on the memories you’ll make on your holiday.

Are there travel restrictions?

Although HIV has become a widely accepted condition in the UK, not every part of the world is up to speed and that can mean travel restrictions. Like with any condition, preparation is key and when planning your trip, it’s crucial to do you research into the destinations you’re able to visit.

For additional information on countries with travel restrictions click here.

Why Choose Get Going?

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£10m cover for emergency medical expenses

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 Travelling with HIV medication

Travelling with HIV can be daunting in general, especially when taking medication with you. The best thing to do is stay organised and if any obstacles come up including border control, you’ll have the assurance of being prepped for your trip (and the right cover too.)

  •       Packing medication: Any HIV medication should be carried in your hand luggage, along with a letter from your prescribing doctor. Keeping medication in your hand luggage will help to avoid any problems, should your checked-in luggage be lost or delayed.
  •       Have enough medication: Whilst it is advised to take extra medication, there is no need to bring an excessive amount with you. This can actually look suspicious and lead to questioning. So, ensure you take enough for your trip, plus a little extra for emergencies.
  •       Getting though security: You should keep your medication in its original packaging and not put it in dispensary containers. Original packaging will show the name of the person the medication is prescribed to, should you be stopped at border control and questioned.
  •       Taking a break from medication: Some places have restrictions on people with HIV entering the country. As frustrating as this is, do not take a break from your medication for the sake of visiting a destination, as this can affect your health considerably.
  •       Jet Lag: Adjusting to the time difference can leave you tired and forgetful. However, it is important that you are consistent with taking your medication. Make sure you set reminders and alarms before you travel. This way, you can stick to UK time when taking your medication and make the whole adjustment process a lot easier.

Cover levels for HIV+ travellers

When it comes to booking your travel insurance, you need cover that offers the right protection for you and your condition. We offer the following in our policies to give the reassurance you need on your trip:

We have a number of cover levels for you to choose from: Basic, Standard, Premier or Diamond. If you would like more information on what’s included in each policy, please see our cover levels page.

HIV travel insurance policies

Whatever the policy type, the questions we ask during the quote process are there to determine the cover that is right for you on your trip and that means HIV travel insurance comes in the form of the following:

  •       Single tripavailable to anyone up to the age of 114
  •       Multi-tripavailable to anyone up to the age of 79, typically taken out by anyone expecting to travel more than twice a year
  •       Backpackeravailable to anyone up to the age of 35 wanting a no-frills policy for an extended trip.
  •       Longstayavailable to anyone up to the age of 55 who is planning on travelling for a period of over 31 days in a single trip.

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