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Wintersports Travel Insurance Extension

A regular travel insurance policy will not usually include cover for winter sports travel insurance. Why? Well, typically winter sports involve a level of risk that isn’t present on your average beach holiday!

So we created our winter sports extension and made it available on all policy types, allowing you to tailor the perfect policy.

What does winter sports insurance cover?

Between us winter sports lovers, there are two main types of people, skiers and snowboarders. Whether you require ski trip insurance or snowboarding insurance, your winter sports extension will provide cover for:

  • Up to £250 to cover your pre-paid ski pack if you are unable to go on your trip
  • Up to £150 if you are unable to use your ski pack while away, due to injury or illness
  • As much as £250 to cover stolen winter sports equipment
  • Up to £100 to cover rental charges in the event that your ski equipment is delayed
  • As much as £250 to cover lost, stolen or damaged rental equipment
  • As much as £100 in the event of an avalanche
  • Up to £100 in the event that there is no snow
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    Your winter sport insurance is an extension, so you’ll also benefit from the fantastic cover levels that our standard policies offer:

  • Up to £5,000 cancellation and curtailment
  • Up to £10,000,000 emergency medical cover
  • As much as £250 to replace lost or stolen cash
  • As much as £250 to replace a lost or stolen passport
  • 24/7, doctor-led emergency medical assistance
    And loads more! All cover levels are dependent on the cover level chosen. Please see your policy wording for full details. If you plan on 2 or more winter sports trips within a 12 month period, you may benefit even more from one of our multi trip policies.

Winter sports insurance with medical conditions

You may know from flying that being at an increased altitude puts a little extra strain on the body. The added pressure of high altitude can heighten the symptoms of certain medical conditions, for example, high blood pressure and asthma.

For this reason it’s very important to accurately declare your medical conditions, even if they are stable and cause you no issues on a day-to-day basis. You should also seek medical advice before your trip, your GP will be able to advise based specifically on your circumstances.

As specialists in medical travel insurance, you can rest assured that our policies are tailored to cover specific medical needs.

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Which activities are covered on my winter sport insurance?

The most common activities on a winter sports holiday are skiing and snowboarding. However, your policy also includes cover for over 100 activities, including; Telemarking, cross-country skiing, cat skiing, land skiing, mono skiing sand dune skiing, and ski-dooing.

If you’re going on a ski trip, you’ll have skiing and related activities cover with our winter sports extension. Our winter sports extension acts as skiing holiday insurance.

Our policies are available to all UK residents. We try to ensure that our policies are as flexible as possible and meet everyone’s needs. To do this, we offer the winter sports extension as an option on all of our policies and any of our cover levels.

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Ski insurance for off-piste

Our winter sports extension covers on and off piste skiing and snowboarding, within the ski resort. We define off piste in the ski resort, as between and around the prepared ski runs. For example, skiing on a hillside between marked posts would count as off piste in the ski resort, and would be covered under your winter sports extension.

All other areas are classed as ‘off piste’ and will not be covered by your standard winter sports extension. You will not be covered for skiing outside of the resort without a guide, skiing in back country areas, or areas marked or prohibited from entry as standard.
If you plan on doing any of the above you will need to purchase the appropriate activity pack.

Snowboarding Insurance

Similarly, if you’re going snowboarding, you’ll need snowboarding insurance. Both Skiing and snowboarding are included in our winter sports extension.

We’ve also included hundreds of other activities, leaving you no excuse not to keep things interesting and maybe even try something you haven’t done before, how does snow parascending sound? Glacier walking? Ski Boarding? See your policy for full details on all the activities covered.

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How to stay safe on a winter sports trip

    There are lots of things you can do to make sure you stay as safe as possible on your winter sports trip, including:

  • Making sure you stick to the ski runs that match your ability! If you’re a beginner it might be a good idea to take part in some lessons during your trip and stick to the green and blue ski runs.
  • Never drink too much before you ski! High altitude can heighten the effects of alcohol. At sea level, one drink may not have been too much for you, but you might find that things are a little different when you reach the mountain.
  • Invest in good quality equipment. Lots of people opt to rent their skis, poles and helmets. That’s fine however make sure you invest in good quality, gloves, goggles, clothing and shoes. You’ll thank yourself when you get there!

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