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2019 Holidays Which Won’t Break the Bank

December 11, 2018

Looking for a break on a budget? Then look no further. We have found the five most popular 2019 holiday destinations which won’t break the bank.

  1. Sri Lanka

Ranked #1 as the cheapest non-EU holiday destination, British tourists receive the most value for money holidaying in Sri Lanka. With average holiday accommodation setting visitors back around £37 a night and a typical meal costing as little as £4.37, we’re surprised that only 149,093 British tourists visited Sri Lanka in 2017.

Sri Lanka is known for tourists being able to get up close and personal with the country’s wild animals. Visitors often volunteer at elephant sanctuaries to care for the 5,800 wild elephants, and visit Yala (Sri Lanka’s national park) to see leopards, buffalos and sloths in their natural habitat. A trip to Yala costs around £11.50 per person.

If you’re lucky enough during your visit, you could even witness magnificent blue whales and spinner dolphins swimming in the Kalpitiva sea. With transportation as little as £0.49p around the country, you really have no excuse to miss this.

Situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, Arguam Bay offers a variety of activities that tourists can enjoy free of charge. From surfing the waves of the Indian Ocean, to peanut picking and partying at £1.66 a pint (!), this sandy party destination truly has it all.

Fact: Did you know the Sri Lankan town of Nuwara Eliva is used by the wealthy to imagine they are cold, damp and in England?

river in Sri Lanka

  1. Poland

Whilst Poland may not be an immediate choice for many, the European country has lots to offer at very reasonable prices. With flights starting from £30, we recommend jetting off for a relaxing weekend break in Kraków.

Located in the south of Poland, Kraków is scattered with cobbled streets, magnificent churches and copious amounts of restaurants – perfect for sitting back and taking in the surroundings. Visitors can enjoy the views whilst tucking into a three-course meal for as little as £12.50.

Why not try Kotlet Schabowy, the nation’s oldest dish, whilst visiting? The breaded pork cutlet which practically melts in your mouth is accompanied with buttery potatoes and a sweet cabbage salad, all of which can be washed down with a pint of beer for only £1.50.

For any history fans, Poland offers plenty of free museums, medieval castles and of course, the well-known historic Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Each attraction unveils Poland’s deep dark past, going back to a time when Kraków wasn’t so picturesque.

The beautiful city even has sandy beaches idyllic for windsurfing, kitesurfing and soaking up the sun. They are definitely worth a visit, if you have the time.

Tip: If you visit Auschwitz between 8-10am and 3-6pm entry is free.

town centre in Poland

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most affordable yet charming countries in the world right now, as one sterling pound is worth 18,308 rupiah. Indonesia offers incredible value for money with accommodation, transport and food all for under £20 each. Indonesia should definitely be on your 2019 visit list.

Beautiful villas with private pools are available to hire from as little as £15 a night, whilst delicious fresh seafood dishes can be purchased for only £2. You can even be chauffeured around the country in style on a dokar (a jingling, horse-drawn cart) for just £3. The only expensive cost in Indonesia is the price of imported wine which will set you back around £20 per bottle, twice the amount of the country’s own.

Indonesia boasts incredible scenery, world-class surfing and wonderful white sandy beaches. With some of the most mesmerising jungles in the world, there’s something to suit everyone. Why not hire a motorbike for £2 and see what Indonesia has to offer yourself?

Tip: Tourists have been put off visiting the island due to Mount Agung volcano, which is putting a real strain on the country’s economy. There have been no signs of eruption since 2017, so just make sure your travel insurance includes Force Majeure cover when visiting.

Going surfing in Indonesia

  1. Morocco

When visiting Morocco, you absolutely must indulge in the food. Moroccan cuisine is typically a mixture of Arabic, Andalusian, Berber and Mediterranean flavours with many meals priced around £6.18, and £0.39p for a soft drink. You can expect a plate piled high with delicious seasoned meats served with fresh vegetables bursting with flavour (Moroccan meals are both easy on the waistline and the wallet).

If you fancy a little culture, Morocco is scattered in free historic mosques, riads and remarkable buildings for religious study. Every town also has a souk, where locals and visitors can purchase extravagant clothing and scents for as little as £20. Yes, haggling is part of the experience.

For the more adventurous, the world-famous Sahara Desert can be explored by foot, camel ride or even quad bike. Visitors can experience the glorious landscape and take in all the African continent has to offer for up to £60 (obviously the price to rent a quad bike is more than a camel ride).

Typically, accommodation in Morocco costs around £113 per night, with prices from £1.18 for transportation around the country.

Fact: The average UK daily spend in Morocco is only £56 per day (which is 50% cheaper than in Barbados!)

Moroccan dishes

  1. Tenerife

With year-round sunshine and the average price of a hotel only setting holidaymakers back around £50 per night, Tenerife is definitely a holiday hotspot you can’t complain about. Flights start from £23 per person (depending on the time of year) and a taxi ride from Tenerife South, the main airport, to popular hotel destinations cost around £30.

Tenerife possess a seven-mile coastline which is home to 21 different types of marine species and adjacent to the popular tourist destinations of Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. Sprinkled with jet-black sands, the beach is perfect for soaking up the African rays and catching a great tan. For those who want to hire a sun lounger at the beach, ensure you grab a spot in the yellow zone, otherwise you’ll face paying up to 20% more.

With three course meals starting from just £7 and the price of a beer at only £0.90p, holidaymakers will come home with change. Why not take a trip to the famous Siam Park? The water park costs £33 for adults and £22.30 for kids, however if you book in advance you could save yourself up to 15% off. It’s a pretty pricey day out but Siam Park does own some of the world’s deadliest water slides (some even go through shark tanks!)

Nevertheless, there is plenty to do and see for free in Tenerife. Visitors could spend a day exploring Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak and the world’s third largest volcano. It’s absolutely free to visit and will cost you around £5 to actually get up the mountain. With Tenerife’s close proximity to the earth’s equator, it is the best place to lie down and stare up at the stars. Tenerife’s Teide national park has even been recognised by the Starlight Foundation as one of the best star gazing spots on the planet! These totally free experiences will leave you with memories you’ll never forget.

Fact: Did you know the canary bird was actually named after the Canary Island – not the other way around?

black sand beach in Tenerife
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All prices and information correct as at December 2018.

*ST from pricing is based on 3 nights in France, for a 50-year-old, individual traveller.

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