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Fancy a coach holiday?

November 25, 2019

Coach holidays are on the rise among holidaymakers, and it’s not difficult to understand why. 5 million people worldwide went on a coach holiday in 2018, and while it may not sound luxurious, you would be very surprised!

Coaches have come a long way since the days of school trips to the zoo- many coaches used by coach trip companies cost the best part of £1m each, and are outfitted with reclining seats, on-board bathrooms, personal TVs for entertainment and hot drink facilities, so you can enjoy a cup of tea while watching the European countryside go by.

Not only are they a very relaxing and luxurious way to travel, but they are completely stress-free holidays! It’s widely known that travelling to your holiday destination can be incredibly stressful, having to navigate frenetic airports, confusing coastal crossings and frustrating language barriers. With coach holidays, all you have to worry about is making it to the coach- as soon as you board, the travel plan is left to the driver and company, leaving you to get into holiday mode before you’ve even boarded the Eurotunnel.

Here are Get Going’s top picks for coach holiday locations in 2020! When you’ve decided on your next adventure location, use code *BFCM20 for 20% off your next insurance policy, for that all-important peace of mind when on holiday.

D-Day Normandy

This is one for the history buffs out there. When thinking of battlefield tours on holiday the mind goes directly to the First World War, but Normandy is not to be overlooked. You can visit the landing zones on the historic beaches, as well as the first towns liberated by the Allied forces, accompanied by an expert who will explain all the history behind the locations. Normandy is also a place of great beauty, with the city of Caen well worth a trip to visit the abundance of culture north-western France has to offer.

Austria and the Tyrol

While this location may be further away than the others on this list, it is well worth the journey. When going to your location, you’ll pass through stunning mountain regions and vistas before reaching Austria, where the air, water and people are as unforgettable as the scenery. You can visit the cities of Vienna and Salzburg for incredible amounts of culture and shopping, as well as relaxing by the breath-taking Lake Achensee or Salzkammergut.


Ever the popular holiday location, Barcelona and the Costa Brava are perfect for a coach holiday. The Catalonian capital has a perfect mix of culture, countryside and things to do, as well as being right on the beach! You can also visit the charming city of Girona, as well as the incredible Montserrat Benedictine monastery, which offers incredible views of the Spanish landscape.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a place best known for being the holiday destination of the rich of Europe, and what’s more, it is brilliant to explore via coach. You can explore the brilliant Castello di Sirmione, which sits on a small peninsula on the lake, and indulge in the best food and drink Italy has to offer; Lake Garda sits in a region where the three most famous wine regions- Tyrol, Lombary and Trentino- meet, meaning Lake Garda is possibly the best place in the world to sit back and watch the world go by with a glass of vino and a scoop of gelato.

Have you been inspired by our picks? If you have, be sure to get your travel insurance before heading off to give you even more peace of mind!

*Offer ends 2nd December 2019

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