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Best destinations to visit in Spain for the summer

March 25, 2021

Sun, sea and sangrias, Spain is a country that has something for everyone all year round, but the summer time is when the excitement is heightened – and a must-see season to visit.

Whether you love to spend your days soaking up the rays, playing tourist around the city or exploring the hidden wonders of a new destination, Spain has plenty to do and see. If you’re unsure of what location is right for you, here are the best destinations to visit in Spain for the summer.

Beach hotspots

Spain isn’t short of beach getaways. From the busy sands of Gran Canaria to the quieter waters in Menorca, here are the best beach hotspots:

Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands scream ‘summer holiday destination’ and Gran Canaria is a top pick for any holidaymaker. Called its own ‘miniature continent’, Gran Canaria is the most diverse of all the Canary Islands in terms of climate, things to do and see, and the activities on offer; you’ll never get bored on this island.

Whether you’re planning to spend some much-needed time relaxing on the beaches, hiking around the mountainous areas for a jaw-dropping view of the island, or love the excitement of the historic capital, Las Palmas, it’ll be a trip like no other. Dabble into sightseeing tours, nature reserves, fishing trips, buggy safari tours, or simply spend your days lapping up the glorious weather with a sangria in hand on the beach.


A popular destination for families, couples and groups alike, Tenerife has been renowned as a favourite holiday spot for Brits for decades and there are many reasons why. Tenerife has a unique landscape with the black sanded beaches, quiet towns and mountainous exterior, and has nine different microclimates.

The activities in Tenerife is as varied as the climate, and has something for everyone to grip their teeth into. The island is huge and in typical fashion for that top relaxation spot, many tourists flock to the south of the island to spend the time experiencing glorious weather, great food and some of the best beaches you can find. Whilst the north of the island is slightly quieter and rugged, it’s ideal for those who’d like to hike around the mountainous areas or simply spend their beach days in a more peaceful environment.   


Ibiza may hold the title of the party capital in Spain; however, the island is just as famous for its quieter and laidback side, ideal for those who want to appreciate the glory of Ibiza, without the wild, party vibe.

The beautiful landscape is complete with serene beaches, glorious backdrops and some of the best eateries around to experience all the finer things in life on your trip away. The picture-perfect beaches are only a fraction of the top things to do, with white washed villages, Ibiza’s old town and UNESCO heritage site to explore and see, all whilst you soak up the unforgettable weather. And, you can still enjoy that drink away from the clubs at secluded beachside bars or in the company of your resort.


One of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is known to be one of the quieter islands compared to its busy neighbours of Ibiza and Mallorca. The smaller and quieter appeal is what draws many people to go for their summer break away.

The island is renowned for its gorgeous white-sanded beaches with calm seas, historical towns, chilled beach bars and the authentic cuisine, with restaurants run by locals alike. The nature reserves, sightseeing in the capital Mahón, water activities, hidden walkways and fresh seafood are only a couple of reasons why it’ll make for that perfect summer break.

The best cities

The country isn’t just known for its beaches and sunny weather, it’s a hub for historical buildings, museums and sights and that’s why, venturing to Spain’s top cities will offer the opportunity to learn all about the culture.

Best destinations to visit in Spain for the summer - Barcelona


Capital of Spain’s Catalonia region and a city like no other, Barcelona has the versatility appeal for its visitors. The city is home to some incredible sights including the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Milà, the busy shopping street of La Rambla and plenty of museums and cathedrals to explore.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there, Barcelona is a cultural hub for Spanish food, top wineries, art galleries, and has a quieter side too, with glorious beaches not too far from the city centre. Barcelona isn’t for the faint hearted with so much to see and do, and a buzz that’ll stay with you long after you leave to return home.


Spain’s capital and a city with a unique appeal, Madrid is a cultural hub with more than enough on offer for the perfect summer getaway. Renowned for its art scene, the city offers the best art museums in all of Europe with a heavy significance on renaissance artwork and seminal 20th century pieces to admire.

Away from its artistic side, Madrid has lots of historic sights to add to your agenda, a restaurant list longer than the journey there and quaint parks to step away from the city’s hustle and bustle. To jump into its shopping and entrainment hub, Gran Vía is a brilliant starting point and then, stepping away to quieter plazas and marketplaces for a true authentic feel of the Spanish culture.


Seville is one of those cites that’ll leave a mark on your heart with the desire of wanting to go back again and again. As the capital of the southern Spain’s Andalusia region, Seville is renowned for flamenco dancing, Mudéjar architecture and the prettiest sights you’ll ever see.

The things to do in Seville are endless from the top sights including the Royal Palace, Christopher Columbus’ tomb, to the busy and cultural plazas and the oldest tapas bar in all of the city, dating back to 1858, and run by the same family! A trip to Seville also wouldn’t be complete without booking yourself into one of the famous Flamenco shows and experiencing the fun.


As Spain’s third largest city, Valencia shouldn’t go amiss when planning your summer getaway. Valencia used to be one of the quieter and off-the-beaten-path style cities to visit in Spain with a hub of things to see and do, however, in recent years, it has had a lot more life breathed into it and has become one of the most popular cities to see.

The city has plenty to explore and absorb from the gothic architecture, historical sites including cathedrals, a top dining scene of authentic Spanish dishes to marketplaces and the famous Bullring and adjoining museum. Wherever you wander in Valencia, we can assure you, Spanish charm floats through and will leave you wanting more.

Off the beaten track

Now if you’re a traveller who prefers a trip away from busy tourist hubs or to keep to yourself, these destinations in Spain are for you.

Best destinations to visit in Spain for the summer - Malaga Spain

Setenil de las Bodegas

If big cities aren’t for you, the town of Setenil de las Bodegas is worth a visit. The exterior of the town is unique to many other places you’ll come across. For years, many inhabitants lived in the caves protected by rocks and today, it has become one of the best features and unique points of the town.

Th white-washed buildings and colourful paths are enough to draw you in by the eye, but once you there, even more adventure is apparent. Spend your days wandering through the picturesque streets, experience the gastronomy for one-of-a-kind dishes and learn all about the history at its monuments and churches. The town can easily be accessible by car from Malaga airport.


Located in southwestern Spain, Huelva is a port city, often nicknamed as the ‘secret coast’. It’s popular with both foodies and nature lovers as a destination that’s not really on many holidaymakers’ radars – and that’s why, it’s a great spot for a serene few days away.

Despite the hidden status, the city isn’t short of things to do. For nature fans, the UNESCO Biosphere reserve of Marisa del Odiel is a great place to begin your venture, whilst adventurers may like to follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus with many attractions focused around him. The city is a cultural hub for authentic Spanish food and has countless beaches to spend your day soaking up the sunshine.


Often thought of as only an airport city, Malaga doesn’t really get the attention it deserves with more to explore than first meets the eye.

As one of the oldest Mediterranean seaports, Malaga has a lot of history to see, learn and explore which can be found in the cathedrals, castles and Roman theatres. The relaxing side of Malaga also needs to get a mention with the gorgeous scenery of Costa del Sol, made up of sunny shores and seaside promenades.

Cies Islands

If being away from the bustle of everyday life is your holiday vision, Cies Islands is the destination for you.

Cies Islands are located an hour’s boat trip away from Vigo and you’ll have the option of San Martino, Monteagudo, the Lighthouse Island and Rodas Beach to also explore. As one of the most remote places in all of Spain, it’s popular with creatives, who go there to get their heads down for work and for literary inspiration. Whilst it may not have many historical sights, the appeal of the quiet coves, sandy beaches and national park as a whole is the hidden paradise you need in your life.

Planning you next trip to Spain? Always ensure to have your travel insurance policy before you jet away to the sunny shores.

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