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The quietest destinations to visit in Europe

March 25, 2021

Despite popular opinion, Europe isn’t a one-size-fits-all-type-of-location, it’s a diverse continent packed with all different cultures, landmarks, things to do and people to meet along the way. When planning a trip, it can be tricky knowing where to begin, but we’re here to share some glorious, quieter destinations that can be catered to you and your needs.

Whether you’re someone who prefers your holiday to be peaceful, or simply aren’t a fan of large tourist crowds, here are the top quietest destinations to visit in Europe.

For the city lover

Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia is a generally underrated area with plenty of countries and cities that are worth the visit. Although its Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm is never really thought of as a ‘must-see’ city, compared to Rome and Paris, when really, it has an incredibly unique appeal about it.

Stockholm has the clean and minimalistic look about it with a friendly and charming appeal, where you’ll always feel like home. Regardless of it being lesser-known, the city has lots to do including its gorgeous old town, packed with old-world charms, the many museums, Royal Palace, cathedral and many more sights. Art galleries and the food scene are also big draws to the city with their unique take on both.

Basel, Switzerland

The picture-perfect colourful buildings are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Basel in Switzerland. The quaint city is often forgotten about compared to Zurich and Geneva, however, has a charm about it that’ll leave you wanting more.

The walkable city, located along the river Rhine has a combination of art and culture to experience. From the top museums scattered across the city including the Kuntsmuseum, to the quaint old town and minsters to see; there’s always something new to lay your eyes on. The serene environment doesn’t really encompass the city vibe.

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a city like no other with its colourful palaces, endless nature reserves and pretty sights – so much so that wherever you look that it doesn’t feel real. And, throw in the Portugese charm, and it doubles up with a safe and fun haven of things to do, with the quieter appeal.

This city has a royal significance and that means palaces and castles aren’t in shortage with many to add to your agenda. After roaming the royal paths, there is also an entre historical complex to venture around and lots of beaches to put your feet up after a day of walking.

For the beach enthusiast

Mlini Bay Croatia

Mlini Bay, Croatia 

Mlini Bay is a fishing village located around 15 minutes’ drive from the hub of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most popular city, and offers the serene environment we all look for in a beach getaway.

The pebbly shores of Mlini Bay are one out of a travel brochure with crystal clear waters, sun beds across the pebbles and rocky terrain surroundings. The joys of the bay don’t stop there with a long promenade packed with plenty of eateries, a nearby old town with old-school charm about it, and the bay is a recluse spot to set up base for day trips into the busier areas of the region.

Icmeler, Turkey 

Turkey is renowned as a key beach summer spot for many travellers, with crowds flocking to the country per year. However, it’s not all crowds and jam-packed tours in every area of Turkey with the little-known Icmeler offering a tranquil and off-the-beaten-path vibe.

Icmeler is 8 kilometres from the esteemed Marmaris and has lots on offer to see and do. The pine forest haven is home to the brightest blue waters and long stretches of soft-sanded beaches. Icmeler’s main beach is a hub for water sports but there is also a quiet tucked-away area for those who prefer to experience the serene way of beach life. Turkish bars, a brilliant restaurant scene and the greeting of a beautiful beach sunrise each day are only a few reasons to go out of hundreds.

Eraclea Minoa, Sicily, Italy

Italy is a gorgeous place to visit, regardless of the time of year it is, and Sicily is one of the less visited locations with lots in store. Sicily is quite a large region and has plenty of different areas to explore, however, Eraclea Minoa is the perfect pick if you’re looking for the pretty Italian vibe, without the hustle bustle.

Eraclea Minoa is an archaeological site which offers one of the best beaches in all of Sicily and a must-see for all those beach lovers. The area isn’t just one of fab shores, there’s a lot of history to experience with Roman ruins and an old Greek theatre to explore. Although the main attraction is the beach and area, it boasts a gorgeous surrounding village to explore and set base in.

For nature fans and hikers

Tuscany Italy

Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscan hills are one of absolute wonders and a location every nature lover will absolutely adore. Tuscany is located in central Italy and is home to the capital Florence and surrounding areas with beautiful scenery, art galleries, vineyards and a whole host of the best food you’ll ever eat.

The region is pretty large but there is a bit of something for everyone, depending on the type of holiday you’re looking for. Florence is a hub for art, shopping and museums, whilst the quainter towns of Lucca and Siena focus more on the authentic Italian charm with their cathedrals and amiable walkways.

But, for nature lovers as a whole, stepping away from the main towns is where it’s at in terms of the best scenic views and experiences. The Tuscan hills provide views for days and whether you’re on a wine tour, hiring a vespa to drive around or simply jumping in your car to explore the unknown, you’re guaranteed to not only remember the views, but your stomach will be just as pleased with the top level of cuisine.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Connected to the north western side of Scotland by bridge, the Isle of Skye offers out-of-this world views and experiences that every hiker fan will love.

It’s a hikers’ paradise boasting plenty of different trails and landscapes to explore, and breathe in that freshness of sea air as you reach the top. There’s everything from iconic landmarks including Old Man of Storr and castles to distilleries and waterfalls. Get your hiking boots, a raincoat and a flask ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the Isle of Skye.

Durmitor, Montenegro

As part of the Dinaric Alps, Durmitor is located in north-western Montenegro and is home to the Durmitor national park, the last remaining unspoiled wilderness areas in Europe. Known for its limestone peaks and stunning glacial lakes, its home to 48 peaks and has a mountainous terrain.

The park has countless areas to explore and things to do, and the best way most travellers do it is set their base in Žabljak, Durmitor all year round and then set foot into the park for an adventure never forgotten. Whether you’re a newbie hiker or do it regularly, in Durmitor National Park, there are endless amount of laid-out walking trails and hidden coves to explore. And, the wildlife scene and number of waterfalls are only a handful of things to see and do in the natural wonder that is this national park.

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