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Everything you need to know about the traffic light system and what we cover

July 09, 2021

Travel restrictions have recently changed in the UK, in regards to international travel and the Coronavirus pandemic. In October 2021 the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) changed its advice for over 50 countries and territories, making the rest of the world accessible once more for travellers.

On the FCDOwebsite, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “These updates make travel abroadeasier – boosting trade, tourism and reuniting friends and families. I amdelighted that the safe reopening of travel allows people to exercise personalresponsibility and visit more destinations across the globe” (Source).

The state of travelhas been uncertain, and with the rules continuously changing we can understandhow confusing it can be – and that’s before you even think about travelinsurance! We wanted to offer some reassurance and share Get Going’s stance onour products with you, to give you that piece of mind as you plan your nextholiday.

Post-PandemicTravel Rules

The traffic light system has changedsignificantly, which should make booking your next trip away a lot easier. Theconfusing Amber and Green lists have officially been scrapped, and now manycountries have been given the green light as ‘safe to visit’. The red liststill remains, but it only includes a small number of countries which aredeemed as ‘high risk’ for travellers.

Although travelling is now simpler, there arestill restrictions in place, even if you’re travelling to a non-red country. Everycountry has different rules on entry in place, including the UK for coming home– whether you’ve been vaccinated or not, regulations could still apply. Moreinformation on each destination’s rules can be found on the Government’s website.

Generally speaking, vaccinated travellers needto book a day 2 Covid-19 PCR test before they fly and complete a locator formto be allowed entry back into the UK. The booking reference of your Covid-19test will be added onto your locator form. For more information abouttravelling internationally, keep up to date with the new rules on the Government’s website.

GetGoing’s COVID Cover

Providing you’re not travelling against theFDCO’s advice, all Get Going policies include:

Formore information please visit our CoronavirusTravel Insurance page.

Fulldetails of the cover available under each policy can be found in our policydocuments.

Get Going customers should follow any advicefrom the FDCO and the local authorities of your destination in place at thetime of travel and for the duration of your trip. Failure to comply with theFCDO advice could invalidate your policy.

All Get Going customers should be informed atpoint of sale that there is no cover under any of our policies for the costsassociated with the following:

For policies issued after the 13th March 2020

–  Cancellation due to a change in FCDO advicecaused by the pandemic.

– Denied entry to the country or territorythey are due to travel to

– Having to quarantine or isolate when theyreturn to the UK (this includes hotel quarantine costs)

– Having to purchase/pay for Covid-19 test

I am travelling to a Red country, whatcover can I get?

Red list countriesare considered unsafe and it has been advised not to visit them, unless it’sessential. Get Going will not provide any cover under any section of thepolicy to customers who are, or are planning on, travelling to countries orterritories categorised as unsafe by the FCDO. This means no claims will bepaid under any section of the policy for trips relating to ‘Red’ countries,including but not limited to ‘Cancellation, Curtailment and Medical Expenses’.

There are many rules and restrictions in placefor any travel to red list countries, and it’s essential you’re aware of whatyou need to do, should you travel there or are looking to return to the UK.Currently, the rules for UK entry include taking a Covid-19 test 3 days priorto entering the UK, booking a quarantine hotel package which includes 2Covid-19 tests and completing a passenger locator form. More information can befound on the Government website.

Information correct at the time of writing (and updated in October 2021). If our stance changes regarding travelling internationally and what we can and cannot cover, then the information above will reflect this and the policy wordings updated accordingly.

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