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Prostate Cancer Travel Insurance

In the UK, Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer for men. If you or anyone travelling with you are suffering or have suffered from this condition, you will find it a challenge to obtain a travel insurance policy to offer you full cover for your situation at an affordable premium, which is where Get Going can help. We are proud to be able to offer a specialist cancer travel policy to cover you, your family and your travelling companions, so you can concentrate on taking it easy and having a stress free, relaxing trip. It is important that your illness is fully declared and included within your cover; this will ensure that you obtain a policy suitable for your requirements.

Policy Benefits
We have numerous kinds of policies and various extensions available to ensure we can offer you the right insurance for your demands. All our policies offer cover for the events listed below and many others.

  • Emergency medical expenses including emergency dental treatment
  • Loss or theft of Cash
  • 24 hour medical emergency helpline managed by doctors
  • Discounts for couples, families and single parent families
  • Full cover for declared and accepted medical conditions
  • UK, Europe and Worldwide options

Our policies are designed to be flexible with extensions available to include cover for Winter Sports, Cruise, Wedding and Business insurance. So whatever your plans are, Get Going can offer you your ideal insurance policy at a very competitive premium.

However, we do suggest that you discuss all travel plans with your treating doctor. If vaccinations are required, your doctor will be able to confirm if it is safe for you to have them. Also, depending on your treatment, you should take extra care in the sunshine as your skin may be more sensitive, and you should take good care of your general health as your immune system could be low.

Don’t forget, we can also cover you and your party’s medical conditions, so you don’t have to worry about the costs involved in falling ill before you travel or whilst you are away from home.

So why not contact us now with any queries you may have and for a competitive quotation by clicking the get quote button below. Get Going, knowing that you have peace of mind should anything unforeseen happen, it’s covered.

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