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The Future of Travel Includes Edible Vaccinations

December 21, 2016

Some of the best spots in the world require the dreaded pre-travel vaccination process but did you know…


doctor preparing injection

Pre-travel vaccinations are vital. On estimate, 10% of the general population suffers from a genuine fear of needles. Anyone that suffers from a phobia of needles and injections is known as trypanophobia.

Fantastic, it has been recognised and diagnosed since 1994! What’s not so great is that this can drive sufferers to avoid situations that are very important, in regards to their health and safety.

We’re Get Going Travel Insurance, so of course, we are here to talk travel. Going on holiday and suffering with trypanophobia can mean one thing, missed pre-travel vaccinations. We, as an insurer do not want this and neither do you as a holidaymaker, trust us. The solution? Needle-free vaccines.

The University of Toronto and York University in Canada found that 24% of adults and 64% of children were not fond of pre-travel inoculations. These are considerably high figures but not all that surprising.

Get safe pre-travel

The last thing we want is for you to travel to your chosen destination, without having taken the necessary precautions. Our insurance policies are everything they need to be. The are transparent, offer solid cover, 24/7 support and are very competitively priced Get Quote but carrying one cannot protect travellers from nasty bugs and viruses – You must get your vaccinations!

Take a look below…

Pre-travel vaccination alternatives

Fortunately, Travelvax Australia has highlighted a number of pre-travel vaccinations. In the very near future needles will no longer be the only option– yay! Without further ado, a welcome from us, to the future world of pre-travel inoculation.

Edible Vaccines:
There’s one thing we love just as much as travelling and our customers, food. This centers around the idea of treatment being delivered via an edible platform, such as a plant. Salad and typhoid inoculation all-in-one, the future is nigh.


The University of Queensland is to thank here. Stuck on to your skin, a small silicone square generously coated with the relevant vaccine will administer the required drug, via 20,000 micro-projections. Nifty and painless.


Australia to thank again. Pharmajet has already landed on the market in the US. Travelex explains that this particular method delivers the vaccine through the skin ‘to the subcutaneous tissues or into the muscle under high pressure’. Sounds intense but again, needle-free. Thanks, Travelex.

Sugar Microneedles:

Ignore the ‘needle’ and focus on the ‘micro’. This method involves a dried, live virus vaccine. The sugar patch is stuck onto the arm (we suspect) while you sit back and book your travel insurance. You will still need travel insurance Get Quote.

Nasal Spray:

We’re all familiar with nasal spray, it’s probably how you had your last flu vaccine. A nasal spray is currently being tested to work with vaccinations for the Ebola virus and it’s likely this will only be developed further following its success.

Dry Powder:

In case you needed another, dry powder provides one more reason to treat your lungs well. The lungs could be the key to avoiding future needle encounters. Dry powder is favourable because it offers the advantage of fewer side effects. Once inhaled into the lungs it works to target and fight infection in a very similar manner to injectable vaccines.

Pre-travel vaccination and the wider impact

Immunisation is a vital part of our evolution and plays a huge role in maintaining our health on a global scale – it’s really important! The Survey of the prevalence of immunization non-compliance due to needle fears in children and adult describes the work as ‘a positive development for working to make vaccinations more palatable for the people’. Once these methods are perfected experts will look to employ them whenever and wherever it will be beneficial, not only for the fortunate jet-setters among you.

If you’re travelling soon, don’t forget your insurance, you’ll need it!

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