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Asthma Travel Insurance

Asthma is very common amongst children and adults in the UK. Although in most cases it is easily controlled, you should still disclose this condition to your travel insurers. At Get Going we specialise in offering cover for travellers with medical conditions. In most cases when your asthma is made known to us, we do nothing more than place a note on the policy. However, this will depend on how well controlled your condition is, where you are travelling to, your trip dates and the medical facilities available in that country. As experienced insurers for medical conditions, we are aware that your asthma can be affected by many different situations.

Get Going offer a high-quality asthma travel insurance policy for you and your family that is easy to understand, has a wide range of insurance covers at a price that won’t break the bank. You can choose from single trip, multi-trip, winter sports, cruise and long stay. Once on holiday you can relax, breathe easy and know you have the right insurance!

We have many different policy types and levels of cover. This gives you the freedom to choose which is right for you. All our policies offer cover for the events listed below and more!

  • Loss or theft of Cash
  • Loss or theft of passport
  • Luggage delay
  • Personal liability
  • Possessions & Personal Effects
  • 300+ sports and activities can be covered, many as standard
  • Full cover for declared and accepted medical conditions
  • UK, Europe and Worldwide options

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Furthermore, you also have the option to add the following extensions onto your policy:

  • Cruise extension
  • Winter Sports, extension
  • Wedding extension
  • Business extensions

As a specialist insurer we are often asked “should we insure everyone under the same policy?” There are many benefits for you and your travelling companions to be insured under the same policy. Should asthma be the cause either directly or indirectly for any claim under the policy, your travelling companions will be able to claim too. If you all have policies with different insurers, there could be a delay in the claim or even a refusal of cover in some cases.

For example, should the holiday have to be cut short due to an unforeseen episode of your condition, your travelling companions (if they are not a relative) may be expected to continue the trip without you! However, if you are all on the same policy and your diagnosis has been insured – you will all be able to claim for the curtailment costs your party has incurred.

Get Going have expert knowledge in offering travel insurance policies with for people with Asthma and related conditions. Get a quote now or contact us if you would like further information.

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