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Asthma Travel Insurance

Asthma Travel Insurance from Get Going

There are currently 4.5 Million people living with asthma in the UK. That’s a pretty large chunk of the population! As with all medical conditions the effects of asthma are relative to the individual but fortunately, most manage their asthma with relative ease. Get Going looks to provide asthma travel insurance cover from mild through to severe asthma.

There are a couple of common misconceptions, one of which is that you needn’t declare your condition on your insurance policy but you must.

In many cases the results return with little to no additional premium meaning we provide thousands of people with asthma travel insurance every single year. Get Quote

The benefits of an Asthma Travel Insurance Policy with Get Going:

  • Up to £10 Million in medical cover available
  • 1,000’s of medical conditions covered
  • Doctor-led 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Up to £5,000 of cancellation cover
  • 80+ sports and activities covered as standard
  • Cover for the entire family on one policy, receive discount on your premium! Find out more about our family policies here
  • Friendly, sensitive call centre staff that receive ongoing training
  • A 14 day cooling off period

The medical screening process is entirely confidential and customer’s details are never, ever shared with third-party companies. Grab you super-fast quote here Get Quote

Travel Insurance With Asthma

Get Going does not look to increase premiums for the sake of it. The process of declaring medical conditions serves a positive purpose. Understanding the customers individual circumstance helps in a multitude of ways. When a claim is submitted it is assessed on the basis of full disclosure. Secondly, in the event that a person requires medical assistance, the processes are made easier and faster – benefiting both the patient and the emergency assistance team.

Once the screening process is quickly completed, policy premiums are returned. All premiums take into account: The current health status of the individual, the stability of the medical condition(s) and destination i.e. the quality of medical care available to the individual within a reasonable proximity

When travelling with asthma take a look at our piece what is asthma and can I still travel safely?’ and get a quick insight on what’s going on on the inside and top tips on how to avoid irritation and travel safely.